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Roberto Cid Sr.
President and Partner

Roberto Sr. is a pharmaceutical chemist by training, but an entrepreneur at heart. Born in Santiago, Chile he quickly created a career at the world’s top pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Merck. In 2000 he took the plunge and launched his own pharmaceutical company providing millions with top quality generic medicines, that were previously unaffordable.

With a business degree from Columbia University and a natural talent for chemistry, he has formulated several patented products, running his family business with the same quality expected at Fortune 500 companies, but with the personal touch of a small business. Quick to see an opportunity, he and Roberto Jr. began a quest to create all natural botanical based products with pharmaceutical quality even before GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) was a mandate.

Today Roberto Sr. spends his time between Miami and Ecuador where he continues to champion traditional healthcare and a more holistic approach to health as President of Cid Botanicals.

Andrea joins Cid Botanicals after a successful and diverse career working in real estate and banking, during which she did extensive work on corporate finance and strategy development for companies based in Latin America, the US, UK, and Asia. She is bilingual in English and Spanish, conversational in Mandarin Chinese, and has lived around the world in South America, Asia, and the US. Andrea holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College.

Andrea is an extensive world traveler and enjoys scuba diving. Her favorite scuba spots are the Komodo Islands in Indonesia, the Similan Islands in Thailand and of course the Florida Keys! When she isn’t chasing manta rays and nudibranchs, Andrea finds peace of mind in baking, karaoke and hiking.

Andrea Cid
CEO and Partner

Roberto Cid Jr.
Managing Director and Partner

Roberto hails from South America but was raised in the American Northeast, receiving a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. Roberto joined
the family business in 2007 and helped found Cid Botanicals with the vision of creating a preventative health and wellness company.

An avid travel lover, he spends his time in and out of Miami researching the immense biodiversity and ancestral wisdom of the American continent and the world. Whether visiting our farming partners in Paraguay, Chile or Ecuador, or just exploring new destinations, he is always on the look-out for time-proven healthy foods.

A former math and science teacher, Maria Laura taught for 16 years at Barker College in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina. She holds a Certificate of Accounting from University of Miami.

Since 1984, she has been devoted to a holistic life approach, including cooking with natural ingredients, using plants to improve quality of life and other disciplines such as yoga and meditation. Maria Laura loves to discover new recipes with innovative ingredients and has worked in the US natural products industry since 2003. In her spare time, she loves the beach, swimming in the ocean and exploring different cultures through travel and gastronomic experiences.

Maria Laura Caroli
Operations Manager

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