The Cid family is a proud partner of Naku, the community and economic development firm of the Sápara Nation, dedicated to preserving and sharing the ancestral wisdom of the Amazon. Located in the South-Central Amazon of Ecuador, next to the Conambo River, the Sápara occupy one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Increasingly, the Sapara’s ecosystem and traditional way of life are under immense threat from rainforest development, oil drilling and pressure to find work outside the community.

Although Ecuador is the only nation with a constitution that considers nature as a subject of right, economic development is still seen as a direct threat to the rainforest.

he Sápara community live off of the riches of the land and are dependent upon the plants, animals and rainforest to survive. Our partnership with Naku seeks to challenge the traditional notion of poverty and development by creating a new model of prosperity – one that empowers the community by preserving their traditions.

With less than 300 members left, the Sápara established Naku ( to help preserve their way of life and to share their rich heritage and traditions with the rest of the world. One way to share their experience is by hosting ecotourism ventures, where travelers can immerse themselves in the Amazon. Living for 5 or 9 days among the Sápara, guests are spiritually transformed as they develop deep connections with ancient wisdom and traditions.

For centuries, the Sápara have developed a vast knowledge of the Amazon’s most nutritious fruits and medicinal plants. The Cid family is also working with Naku on the development and marketing of nutritional products for eye support, anti-oxidant support, vegan protein and immune system support. All of the ingredients are organic and sourced from natural habitats, and many are wild harvested.

The Naku partnership helps Cid Botanicals stay at the forefront of botanical investigation and supports the economic sovereignty of the Sápara Nation. When you buy Cid Botanicals products you not only receive the highest quality botanicals but also help preserve the rainforest and provide a nation with the resources needed to maintain their way of life.

Roberto Cid, Andrea Cid and Manari Ushigua in the Sápara Reserve

Fruits, nuts and herbal plants from the Amazon

Looking for birds outside the Sápara village

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