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Ideal Location

The best stevia comes from its natural environment: Paraguay

Stevia Natural Low Calorie Sweeteners For Diabetics
On our pristine farms in Paraguay,
Stevia grows tall and healthy
without artificial enhancements.

Centuries before the processed sugar avalanche, the Guaraní natives of Paraguay used stevia leaves (Stevia rebaudiana) as a natural sweetener.

Following in this tradition, Cid Botanicals uses only 100% pure Paraguayan stevia leaves, considered the highest quality stevia, grown in its natural habitat.

Cid Botanicals uses “Eirete” leaves, known by the locals to be the highest quality and sweetest of any stevia variety. It naturally contains over 8 times the sweetness of the more common “Criollo” variety. Because stevia is native to Paraguay it can be harvested year round, pesticide free and by farmers with a tradition cultivating the best stevia on Earth.