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About Us

About Us

Connecting Science and ancestral traditions from around the globe.

Cid Botanicals is a Miami-based, family owned health and wellness company. We are scientists, botanists, and people who believe in preventive ways of achieving wellness and quality of life through proven whole food synergy and unique herbal formulations. Cid Botanicals was born from our family's research of plants in the Amazon. In 2004, we began our mission to provide the best botanical traditions and ancestral knowledge from around the globe, making them accessible to all.

As a family company, Cid Botanicals strives to understand every last detail of the stevia process, from farm to your coffee cup. Our stevia starts off as a plant, growing in the fertile farms of Paraguay five hours outside of the capital, Asunción. The Paraguayan farmers have grown and used stevia for decades, using only the safest natural techniques to ensure the best quality stevia sweeteners. This includes using bees as natural pest control instead of chemicals. From there, our partners create a powder extract using a water extraction method that utilizes the whole leaf, not just one molecule such as Reb-A. Many sweeteners and sugar substitutes begin their process in a lab, ours starts on a farm.

Because stevia is a natural plant, and because Cid Botanicals uses a whole-leaf extract, we minimize the amount of processing required to create a sweet, tasty sugar substitute. The stevia plant has been used for hundreds of years by the Guaraní people to sweeten their yerba mate tea. Long before we became concerned with low calorie sweeteners or faced a need for diabetic friendly products, the Guaraní discovered the delicious sweetness of stevia. For this reason many people see stevia as one of the safest natural sugar substitutes. Cid Botanicals stevia is not only a great way for diabetics and other health conscious consumers to cut calories, it’s also the best tasting stevia on earth.

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